Rabbi Yamin Levy, LIHA Rabbi

Welcome from Rabbi Yamin Levy


Of the many, many things I do with my time the work I do on behalf of the Long Island Hebrew Academy is most inspiring. When I walk through the halls of the school and hear the sound of the children, singing, asking questions, responding to their teachers I think of the words of one of my revered teachers, Rabbi David Lipshitz, who would always warn us that the sound of children is the voice of the Shechina the divine presence. Not responding to a child is like not responding to a call from God. 

It is our duty as members of the Sephardic Community of Long Island and New York to ensure that LIHA, the only Sephardic day School on Long Island, not only maintain its reputation as an outstanding and nurturing school but continue to excel in all facets of its mission. Our dream is to build a new state-of-the-art campus and grow our school into an outstanding middle school over the next five years. 

Numerous members of our community have asked me why it is that we need a Jewish day School education. My friends this is a good question and while I have personally endorsed the issue by sending all my children to a Jewish day school and feeling blessed that we live in a country that affords us this opportunity the reality is that it may not be the right thing for every child and every family. A Jewish day school however is the right thing for our community and making it available to all those who want to avail themselves of this wonderful opportunity is not only appropriate but imperative. We as a community have a responsibility to offer the families and the children who choose to immerse themselves in Jewish texts, Jewish culture and Jewish tradition on a daily basis in an intensive fashion the best opportunities available. 

May Hashem give us the courage to go from strength to strength and achieve the lofty goals we have set for ourselves and our community. God knows that our dreams are all Leshem Shamayim, for the sake of heaven. 

Rabbi Yamin Levy