Philosophy of Education


LIHA shares the values of the great Sephardic leaders like Maimonides, HaRambam who led lifelong joyful journeys of learning, curiosity, respect, community service and excellence in both Torah and Secular studies.

At LIHA we seek to sustain in our students the excitement of inquiry and discovery. A LIHA education is designed to nurture a child’s capacity to explore, to find out, to learn and to foster confidence in the ability to evaluate ideas and make choices. Our faculty is trained to facilitate active meaningful and challenging learning, empowering our students to acquire knowledge and skill while thinking critically and creatively.

Our students emerge with both the essential skills and disposition to be ongoing learners, independent thinkers and responsible decision-makers with a strong sense of self and community.

LIHA is a vision led school founded by the Sephardic community of Great Neck and Kings Point which aspires to cultivate students who love Torah, Israel, the Jewish people and their community. Like the great Sephardic Masters LIHA integrates Jewish and General studies. Students at LIHA learn to appreciate the interrelatedness of all disciplines.

LIHA students and alumni distinguish themselves as highly skilled, deeply thoughtful and generous members of the Sephardic Jewish Community. Our graduates develop a binding connection to Judaism and a passion for the Jewish life, learning and tradition. LIHA graduates succeed in all the schools they attend.

Curiosity and Relevance

At LIHA there is no trade-off between students mastering basic skills, and learning to think and solve problems. At LIHA we emphasize both the mastery of liturgy and problem solving and analysis of text.


At LIHA the basic value upon which all our education is built is respect. From our student’s earliest educational experience at LIHA they learn to be thoughtful about their actions and their speech. Respect of peers, adults, family and property is a primary value instilled in all our students.

Our Motto is the teaching of Ben Zoma
Ben Zoma said: Who is wise? He who learns from everyone.