Student Centered Initiative


A student centered education is based on the principle that every child wants to learn and succeed educationally but children have different learning styles. Chanech et Hanaar Al Pi Darko, educate the child according to his/her style. In order to do this children cannot be lectured. Information has to be shared in a way that it will be received by the individual child. Children must have a say in how they learn and what they learn. In this system teachers must be:

• Supportive
• Encouraging
• Good Listeners
• Accepting
• Trusting
• Respectful
• Abele to Appreciate differences

Focusing on Character Education

1. Respect
2. Responsibility
3. Contemplation
4. Compassion
5. Initiative
6. Adaptability
7. Honesty
8. Optimism
9. Trust
10. Courage Loyalty